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New Hybrids Platycerium of Thailand

P.stemaria X P.ridleyi      
P.coronarium X P.alcicorne   
P.coronarium X P.stemaria 
P.ellisii X P.alcicorne 'Vassei'
P."Silver Velvet" (P.elephantotis X P.willinckii) 
P.elephantotis X P.stemaria 'Luarentii'
P.grande X P.ridleyi
P.stemaria X elephantotis
P.ridleyi X P.quadridichotomum

P.ridleyi X P.grande
P.ridleyi X P.alcicorne

P.stemaria X P."Diversifolium"

P.wandae X P.ellisii
P."Erawan" (P.elephantotis X P.madagascariens

P.madagascariens X P.alcicorne

P.veitchii X P.willinckii
P.willinckii X P.veitchii 'Silver fond'
P."Dawboy" (P.madagascariens X P.alcicorne 'Vassei')



  Platycerium elephantotis X Platycerium stemaria 'Luarentii'


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Name : Huperzia goebelii [H-GOEB]
Details : Huperzia goebelii Blue Form size 6" pot and It long more than 50 cm.

Normal price : 30.00
Special price : 23.00

Name : Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood Extra Lagre [PMKK004]
Details : It is new hybrids between P.coronarium x  P.ridleyi   growing by spore size 20" pot
Normal price : 195.00
Special price : 185.00

Name : Platycerium coronarium Philippinse Dwarf [PCORP-D-SP]
Details : This is fresh the spore of Platycerium coronarium var. Philippinse "Dwarf" form
quantity  3,000 - 5,000 spore/pack
Normal price : 20.00
Special price : 15.00

Name : Platycerium grande Extra Large [PGRA004]
Details : It is growing by spore size 20" pot.
Normal price : 160.00
Special price : 160.00

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