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    Platycerium ridleyi  is one of the most striking and beautiful. This species grows very high in trees. In nature, ants inhabit the spaces between the shields, so this species likes fertile, acid conditions. Some growers are reporting success allowing it to approach dryness before watering. Where high humidity can be provided, this seems a good approach.  


                    Platycerium ridleyi for sale

Platycerium ridleyi large-sized

It is growing by spore size 10" pot

Platycerium ridleyi Medium Size

It has fertile frond wide and large growing by spore size 8" pot

Platycerium ridleyi Small size

It has fertile frond norrow and taper growing by spore size 6" pot

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Name : P.elephantotis X P.stemaria Laurentii [PELE_STEM]
Details : Platycerium is new Hybrids between P.elephantotis x P.stemaria "Laurentii" It growing size 8" pot
Normal price : 75.00
Special price : 75.00

Name : Platycerium Dawboy [PDAW02]
Details : This is Platycerium New Hybrid name "Dawboy" between P.madagascar x P.alcicorne 'Vassei'  size 6" pot
Normal price : 28.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Elemaria Medium [PELM002]
Details : It is Platycerium Hybrids between P.elephantotis x P.stemmaria. It growing by spore size 6" pot

Normal price : 35.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood [PMKK-SP]
Details : This is fresh the spore of Platycerium "Mt. Kitshakood"
It is new hybrids between P.coronarium x  P.ridleyi  
Normal price : 20.00
Special price : 17.00

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